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Why Surprise At Pat Robinson’s Haiti Statement – He Is A Racist

In the wake of Haiti’s devastation, known racist, Pat Robinson determined that God struck them with a horrendous earth quake, and has kept them in a very desperate poor condition, due to their ancestors 19th Century defiance against the French.


Columbus first learned about the Island we now call Haiti and Dominican Republic in 1492 where the natives Taíno and  Arawak lived.  Columbus claimed the Island for the Spanish crown and soon the Europeans murdered the entire population after raping women and children and producing mixed offspring. It would later became a principal port and trading place for slaves coming from Africa.

The British, Dutch and French, in the 1500’s established a criminal ring of pirates who stole, robbed and killed the conquering Spaniards.  By 1664 the French had emerged as the dominate criminal force on the island and established a colony renaming it Saint-Domingue which in 1697 the Spaniards ceded the western half to the French. These French pirates and extortioners turned to the slave trade and brought in a massive number of Africans to grow tobacco, sugar, cotton and other crops.

Out of all the European colonies, the slaves in Saint-Domingue seemed to be the most persistent in fighting for freedom. The French were constantly putting down revolts and never found a way to subdue them. It became the “Pearl of the Antilles” which was the richest of the French colonies. For the Africans were producing 40% of all European sugar and 60% of its coffee by the 18th century. And its future only looked brighter, since its economic expansion exceeded 20% annually.

In 1685 Louis the 14th of France came out with his Black Codes which called for certain punishments upon Africans who did not submit to their so-called “masters” rule. At the same time, Saint-Domingue created the largest population of free Africans who were largely produced by Frenchmen who raped African slaves.  They made up a kind of middle class which acted as a buffer between French and Africans. They also had little sympathy for slaves. But as their numbers grew the Black Codes or other laws were enforced to discriminate against their taking on certain jobs and other activities in society.

In 1789 France had a revolution for freedom. The “white” Frenchmen in France gained independence from the French Crown. This sent waves of hope and impatience throughout the world, including Saint-Domingue. The Whites here successfully gained seats in France, but refused to allow the mixed African-Euro people of the island to be seated. This marked the beginning of the end.

In 1791, the first in a series of revolts pushed its way towards Haiti’s revolution. After 2 years of hopeless retaliation the French finally sent someone to try diplomacy which failed because although they declared freedom to northern slaves, they did so in word only, not in reality. So 1793 brought on the scene Toussaint Louverture, the father of the Haitian revolution. Toussaint was a genius who brought together Africans and trained them to master the European style of fighting. Nepolian only motivated them more when he signed a law to maintain slavery.

Toussaint led his men to overthrow Nopolian’s forces and claimed freedom for his people who occupied the third western part of the island. Once the Africans defeated the French, it sent shock waves throughout Europe. In England, Germany, Spain and elsewhere they saw this as a horrible precedent and they all agreed to cut off ties to this newly found country called Haiti. It would soon go from being the Pearl of the Islands to a wasteland. Europeans leaders enacted policies to terminate trade with the Haitian government, which dried up its prosperity, but in time they made backroom deals to with Haitian leaders to sell its people out and disregard their development.

This was an extensive recap of Haiti’s history, there are a lot more details which were left out. But the point here is that Pat Robinson’s racist statement which attributes Haiti’s current condition as something that God ordained, is something Satan himself would actually say.

Everyone who knows Pat, knows that he is a racist through-and-through. There really is not a bone in his body which is not racist. He associates with brown-skinned people only if he is in a dominate position and only if he can generate some money or popularity from it. Likewise, anyone who has the Holy Spirit in their life can easily discern that Pat is not an actual representative of Jesus or God. He is the exact type of preacher who former Plantation Masters employed to indoctrinate European-Americans into believing that slavery was healthy for Africans and ordained of God.

Pat is part of the very small minority of “White” Americans which is described in 20th Century American Struggle, 21st Century Hope. Dr Rashid and I have done tons of research on Robinson and his elk. They continuously inject what we call psychogenetic ingredients into the cultural body which subliminally programs other whites, who are not actually racists’, to take on traits which are expressed as racist.

Just ask yourself this: If Jesus Christ was physically on earth now, would he make the statement or hold the belief that Pat has?

Pat is saying that since the Haitians fought for, and won their freedom, and the Europeans retaliated by cutting their side of the island off, while Spain continued to support the other side, that somehow it was divinely orchestrated. Well, I say that God is more on the side of Haitians then on the side of Pat. So let’s all pray for Pat Robinson to be cleansed of the insidious racist traits that he has found so difficult to shed off.


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